Printed Scarf - Earth

Printed Scarf - Earth

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This large scarf is printed with brush-liked stripes, inspired from an earth colour tone  that’s rustic and refreshingly uplifting. 

Earth tones are rich, warm colours, comfortable to be around. They are grounding and natural on their own but work well with brighter hues too. If you’re seeking diversion from drab winter hues but super-sunny brights aren’t quite your thing, this neutral tone offers some much needed light relief this season.

This printed scarf will give your wardrobe a not-so-basic fall-toned makeover! 

Material: 100% wool

Size: 70 x 180 cm

Design: EPICE

Epice was created by two Danish designers in 1999. Their models are inspired by the colours of northern landscapes. They are woven and printed manually in India.