Sticky Lemon

Sticky Lemon was founded mid 2016 by Simone, Lotte & Dorien. Whilst working on other design projects their idea for a quirky, funny and bold brand became more and more serious. Eventually their first backpacks became a reality and Sticky Lemon was born. This brand was conceived for both little, and bigger kids who have an outspoken taste in the way they look. It’s colourful, bold and sunny. Colourblocking is combined with patterns and illustrations. 

"We want to make fun! Be playful and create bold designs which we normally don’t create for ourselves. Sticky Lemon is our secret escape from the more serious world and to feel like a child again."

"In general we hope to make some smiles. Make kids happy and think they’re so cool when they are wearing Sticky Lemon. They dare to have a more outspoken taste. But besides that it should be comfortable to wear. Easy to clean and good quality, when it comes to our bags. We’re always on the lookout for new materials and more sustainable fabrics." 

The main material for the Sticky Lemon products is recycled PET.

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