Petite africaine

プティット・アフリケーヌ は、従来のアフリカのイメージから脱却し、「アフリカンスローライフから生まれた手仕事」、「フレンチスタイルなアフリカ雑貨」、この2つをキーワードに生まれたブランドです。






“Petite africaine” has got rid of the traditional image of Africa.

"Handicraft is bred by African Slow Life" and "French style African goods" are the two key ideas giving rise to the brand.

The founder of “Petite africaine” has felt the attractive culture in Africa. The brand was started with a view to share this culture widely with a lot of people.

Simple, cute, practical Senegalese baskets, fair trade products of Senegal "Maam Samba", are exclusively sold by Petit africaine.

“Petite africaine” uses original African textiles and printed fabrics. Made in Japan by assuming every scene in the design, it is very unique.

“I would be pleased if you could feel the sun, the wind and the earth of Africa.”

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