La Cocotte Paris

La Cocotte Paris is made up of two heads and four hands : those of the two designers, Laetitia Bertrand et Andrea Wainer. 

La Cocotte Paris appreciates the beauty of the past times while never hesitating to bring a different perspective and bold angle to everyday objects. Its creations bring together precise references to traditional craftsmanship and an esthetic, original and up-to-date form of expression. Its sense of humour is palpable and is translated through its style, clean and precise lines, and its carefully-chosen soberly-mixed colors.

The production of the collections takes place mainly in the region of Porto in Portugal, which has a long textile tradition. La Cocotte Paris can manufacture its own fabrics in natural materials - cotton or linen - by having control over the whole production line, from weaving to printing, silkscreen printing, sewing and finally packaging.

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