kna plus クナプラス

"kna plus Corporation" started from a small textile company in Fukui prefecture,a countryside of Japan where the textile industry is thriving. The location is surrounded by rich nature and the spirit of craftsmanship flourishing in the long history.

Aspired to fabricate products with our weaving technology, we started to produce items since 2007. Then we focused on a fiber returning to soil "polylactic acid" which used to be woven as an industrial material. PLECO pleated bag was born with this fiber adding our local material processing technology.

PLECO bags are made with two fabrics. One is plant-origin "polylactic acid(PLA)" which naturally decomposes into soil and is non-toxic when burned, the other is "recycled polyester(recycled PET)". Whole materials of PLA bags including the care labels, threads and tags are plant-origin which return to soil. Therefore, they are biodegradable and deteriorate over time.

kna plus (クナプラス)は、繊維産業が盛んな福井県の小さな織物会社から始まりました。
そして産業用資材として織っていた土に還る繊維 "ポリ乳酸"に着目し、産地の加工技術を加えることで生まれたのが PLECO(プレコ) のプリーツバッグです。

土中で自然に分解し、焼却しても有毒ガスが出ない植物由来の"ポリ乳酸(PLA)"と"再生ポリエステル"2つの素材の特性を生かしてPLECO のバッグは作られています。

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