Jack Gomme

Jack Gomme is founded by two designers - Paul & Sophie. Greatly inspired by the Arte Povera movement, they enjoy recycling, playing with and enhancing unusual and raw materials. To this day, love and respect for the raw materials is still at the heart of each Jack Gomme creation.

Since day one, the « Made in France » label has been part of the brand’s DNA. The raw materials are sourced from the best tanneries and manufactures of Europe and Japan. The colours are specially developed for Jack Gomme, ensuring unique and exclusive colour ranges with each new collection.

They work on a refined design, driven by a will of lightness and enhanced by a palette of subtle colours evolving through the seasons. 

Each product to is a discrete elegant companion of daily life, so pleasant to wear that you could almost forget it’s there.

Jack Gomme,是由設計師Paul & Sophie創立的品牌。Paul&Sophie從一開始就受到意大利貧窮藝術(Arte Povera) 運動的啟發,對非常規的原材料甚感興趣,因而開始使用一種泡沫橡膠創作他們的商品。今天,Jack Gomme開發了一種非常輕便且耐用的材料,作為產品主導,成為市場上「超輕便」手袋創作的表表姐。他們更隨季節變化的細微色彩,打造不同顏色,精緻優雅的產品。這些shoulder bag 或tote bag,是大家的日常伴侶,易於攜帶,非常耐用,輕巧至一個點,使我們有時幾乎忘記了它的存在。
「法國製造」是該品牌的DNA。原材料來自歐洲和日本最好的皮革廠和製造商。他們專為Jack Gomme開發獨一無二的顏色。
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