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About MaCaRon マカロンについて

MaCaRon is the lady who whispers in the book "Whisper of a lady travelling to France".  Not only a fan of art, culture and lifestyle, MaCaRon is also an experienced marketer and a researcher in art history.

MaCaRon tastes sweet and comes in all colours and hues.  Its Chinese equivalent 瑪卡儂 carries a sense of richness.  When sweetness, colours and richness combine, MaCaRon embodies our life aspirations.

Life is too short to carry boring bags!

MaCaRon excites you with one-of-a-kind tote bags that make you look stylish, radiate chic and enrich your life with shapes and colours.






Concept コンセプト

MaCaRon Online Store : the unique totes store in the cloud

MaCaRon Online Store is where you can get your own tote at your fingertips.  It is a dedicated site for totes and creativity.  When you are tired and bored with leather bags, belts and buckles, why not get a tote for a change!  A tote is foldable, expandable, washable and most of all comfortable.  You can even put a tote into a tote.  You can carry it on your shoulder, at your wrist or at your back, any way you like.  With a tote, you are not just carrying a bag, you are expressing yourself with style, colour and design.

We look for partnership with talented designers and creative tote brands!

マカロン : トートバック、トータルオンラインストア



PHOTO DIARY フォトダイアリー


飛「法」女子輕私語 Whisper of a lady travelling to France

作者 (瑪卡儂) 熱愛藝術,一直盼望在法國的「山居歲月」,終於在十年後辭職實現。就如一個你熟悉到不得了的閨中密友,前半部跟你分享愛、幸福、青春、取捨,傾訴這一刻的軟弱,反駁緣分有何玄妙,佛學何其博大精深。後半則分享法國處處。原來巴黎也是適宜居住的,只要你夠愛藝術,不怕狗屎,不怕污染,不怕熱浪,她仍有藍天和方便的超市,交通也四通八達,最緊要是記得買把電風扇!




Share creations, share ideas.

We welcome passionate and creative designers to place their original totes on MaCaRon for sale.  Let us give a fabulous treat to our tote-lovers!

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Want to write?

Why not grab a notebook from us to put your things in mind into words?

We offer a variety of notebooks that fit your afternoon tea, your feasts or travels.  They are the best way to capture moments of your life!


Press Coverage / Blog . マスコミ報道 / ブログ

Macaron Paris's first pop-up store in Hong Kong

Macaron Paris's first pop-up store in Hong Kong

The Macaron Paris Pop Up Store x Book Signing of "Whisper of a lady travelling to France" event which has taken place at PopCorn (shopping ma...
Article (LinkedIn) - Marketing et mondialisation : vive les "tote bags" ! - 1 July 2018

Article (LinkedIn) - Marketing et mondialisation : vive les "tote bags" ! - 1 July 2018

Oublions un peu le déploiement stratégique, le management, les RH, et le social ! C'est l'été, le temps des voyages et des balades, celui du lâcher prise et des découvertes. Et le temps des belles histoires, comme celle que nous raconte le Hong Kong Economic Journal ("Through the world of tote bags", 30 juin).... Un jolie boutique en ligne ("Macaron Paris") s'est ouverte en mars dernier, toute entière dédiée aux "tote bags", ces sacs légers et pratiques, qui se balancent à l'épaule des femmes actives et contemporaines ! Et cette boutique, colorée comme des smarties, raconte aussi à sa manière l'histoire de toutes ces mobilités, de toutes ces connections économiques et culturelles qui façonnent le monde aujourd'hui. 

Press - Hong Kong Economic Journal - 30 June 2018

Press - Hong Kong Economic Journal - 30 June 2018

港鐵前Mall姐 布袋世界活出真我

現代人普遍長壽,年過40只「踢完」人生上半場,接下來換個跑道出發絕對不遲;我叫胡麗雯(Cindy),昔日是港鐵(00066)商場總零售市務經理,負責13個大型商場的推廣,同事戲稱我「Mall姐」;很多人都想晉身大企業尋找「升呢的階梯」,2013年毅然放棄如日方中的事業,獨個兒去法國讀藝術史,在著名品 ...

Press - Ming Pao - 29 May 2018

Press - Ming Pao - 29 May 2018

有些事現在不做 一輩子不會做 胡麗雯棄高薪赴法學藝術

Cindy笑着拿出幾個畫風童趣、鮮豔的tote bag,一個印上巴黎城市,一個印上小鳥,說:「法國的女人不會盲目追捧名牌,只會將自己打扮成獨一無二的品牌,即使50、60歲依然自信、吸引。」...「我人生沒後悔的事。」她決定把下半生押上,成立網店macaron-paris,售賣日本及法國設計師的 tote bag,並以法國為基地,推廣歐洲和亞洲的藝術。

Press - Sky Post - 25 May 2018

Press - Sky Post - 25 May 2018

前港鐵高管 赴法開網店追夢 賣歐日特色Tote Bag

法日在藝術文化方面「互相傾慕」,19世紀的歐洲藝術圈曾掀起日本主義浪潮,在巴黎有日本街售賣日式食品,卻未有人將日本設計帶到法國。Cindy開設網店MACARON PARIS,專門蒐羅歐日設計師特色Tote Bag,冀將歐日設計呈現給兩地消費者。前港鐵高管 赴法開網店追夢

Press - Hong Kong Economic Times - Executive Market - 21 May 2018

Press - Hong Kong Economic Times - Executive Market - 21 May 2018

前港鐵高管 棄厚職開網店追夢 專賣歐日特色tote bag 從零開始不言悔

前「Mall姐」胡麗雯(Cindy)曾經主管港鐵13個商場的市務推廣,因為工作勾起對藝術的興趣,在事業如日中天時急流勇退追夢,赴法留學讀藝術史。留法5年,法國人看事物往往以美感為先,令Cindy明白,有自信便能活出真我,毋須做名牌的宣傳板,返璞歸真開網店專賣設計簡易的tote bag。

Press - HKET Topick - 21 May 2018

Press - HKET Topick - 21 May 2018

前港鐵「Mall姐」赴法追夢 棄名牌袋開網店專賣tote bag

前港鐵總零售市務經理胡麗雯(Cindy)曾經成為名牌袋奴,在法國留學取得藝術史碩士學位後,她開設網店MACARON PARIS專門蒐羅歐日設計師特色tote bag,冀帶出只要有自信揹tote bag也可活出真我的信息。

Press - Sunday More - 14 May 2018

Press - Sunday More - 14 May 2018

非常女生-現實版「Mall姐」遠赴法國追夢 活出真正的自我 由名牌包包到Tote Bag

在法國,Cindy不再是「Mall姐」,她寫下「飛法女子輕私語」一書,紀錄她在法國的內心點滴;創辦藝術文化網頁;成立網店 MACARON PARIS,主要賣日本以及法國設計師的Tote Bag。非常女生/遠赴法國追夢-活出真正的自我/